Thursday, October 13, 2005

Y! Messenger & MSN Messenger

So... When the large Portal players (who in the past never gave a damn about interoperability) all of a sudden decide to play fair and interoperate. -- What are we supposed to think....?

Sunnyvale, CA, and Redmond, WA -- October 12, 2005 -- Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:
YHOO - News) and Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT - News) today announced a landmark agreement to connect users of their consumer instant messaging (IM) services on a global basis. The industry’s first interoperability agreement between two distinct leading global consumer IM providers will give MSN® Messenger and Yahoo!® Messenger users the ability to interact with each other, forming what is expected to be the largest consumer IM community in the world, estimated to be more than 275 million strong.

That all of a sudden they give a damn about us? err no.
- More likely that Microsoft couldn't get the right deal with AOL.
- More likely that MSN and Yahoo! look at this pragmatically as a way keeping their respective registered users, rather than lose them.

As mentioned at Om Maliks Blog,
"Somehow with a move like that, and a potential AOL/MSN alliance it is starting to look like we will be having a three way dance between the Portal IM players [excluding AOL], Skype and Google."

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