Tuesday, October 04, 2005

...one more thing

Dear Steve Jobs,

I pleae to you.

When you left us, we were angry. We thought you had sold us out, we thought you had gotten to arrogant for Apple.

But we knew better, the knives were out, and you left with your dignity held high.

And in those later barren days, you acted, you continued moving in places and areas with dreams that we could only just imagine.

We welcomed you back with open arms, and every year, we heard people say -- "as what is Jobs gonna pull out of the bag this year". And we listened and we watched, with patience, with a geek servitute unparalleled. We bought coke and sang the cool-aid.

The last 5-years, has been a roller-coaster ride hasn't it? Steve.

Like you did with Pixar and your grand vision with NEXT. You know where your heading...? Its just one big popcorn ride for us?

But you know what we want more... we don't want to live the dream... we want to be part of it.. we want to contribute... we want to tell you what works... what doesn't...

How Steve Jobs snookered the entire cell phone industry.... great article by Pill Palmer {Garage Insight) @ http://ipodgarage.com/article.php?id=386

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