Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Information Overload

I think i am overwhelmed with Information.....

According to
trendwatching.com - "New production processes, mass (!) distribution, technologies and communication channels, all enabling global economies of scale and scope, allow for virtually everything to be made and broadcast, at whatever specification, and whatever batch size.

- *China* India* Eastern Europe * $29 DVD players * Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group's 8,530 TEU container ships * Airbus 380 * New H&M and Zara collections every week * Podcasting * Virtual worlds * 254 TV channels * Google AdWords. * RSS Overload * [Reality TV * Bulgarian property markets * BitTorrent * WiMax * geek to chic Nokia phones * Bvulgari and Gucci lines in Mumbai and Shanghai *]"

This pretty much sums up my symbiotic world, where the Hyper-World consumes the Real-World, through the Internet.

And what is left of the Real world?Global Warming, Geopolitical tensions in the Middle-East, the Falling Dollar, Islamic Fundamentalism, Consumer ridden dept, US Trade Deficit, ,Global Dimming, Social Unrest in Western/Eastern Europe, Property Bubbles, US Borrowing Deficit, rise in Nationalism, Fall in Education standards in schools, loss of morality on T.V., American Imperialism, Reduction in Shareholder value, loss of confidence in Money market currencies, Liberalised attitudes to Drugs, Increased Child pregnancy, Post-Tsunami mass guilt-driven donation appeals, Juvenile disorder, Political Correctness.... The list goes on....

Is the Real World and Hyper-Virtual world poles-apart?, do we care about both as much, or are we slowly leaving one behind.....?

I think back to the book that i read 2 years back... "The Age of Spiritual Machines" by Ray Kurziewel