Monday, December 30, 2002

boo hoo...

what a dull and boring xmas this has been...

Pooja is away... and ive ended up watching Mary Poppins for the first time... that how lousy things are on t.v...

Recently ive been catching up with the 'i love 80s' series on t.v. it starts at midnight and goes on until around 2am....

im becoming a bit of a night owl... still all this silence can be inspirational...

Saturday, November 30, 2002


I have 2 weeks off from work. Im using this time to basically do some DIY.. Nothing too heavy.. im putting up some blinds, getting a fireplace put in, fixing up some wardrobes for the bedroom...

I am listening to Mercury Rev - All is Dream i would higly recoommend it.

Ive got my housewarming party on the 14th Dec. I have far too much decent music sitting on my MP3 jukebox(my pc)... i need an effective solution to allow it to get hooked up to my home/AV system..

Saturday, November 16, 2002


More re-arrangements to the flat.. a new AV stand for my tv and hi-fi kit..... The living rooms looks a bit too geeky for my liking.. it looks a bit like my bedroom when i was a teenager..


still the new speaker stands look cool.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

My new Pioneer DV-656A-K

greetings... its been a few days...

And ive finally gotten around to upgrading by 15 years stereo amplifer(Denon), speakers(Mission) and CD player(Marantz). I bought those items way back before i started university. I of all people take my music and its re-production very seriously. And to listened for so long with such outdated system amazes me.. I think in the end i started losing interest with my music ( and it was only recently after listening to MP3 on my PC that i realised how much i liked music again - but thats anothe story).

So there you are.. a new DVD player ( that plays CD very well) - Pioneer DV-656A-K and a new Marantz AV receiver ( good in 2Channel as well as 6.1 Dolby DTS.) And a wonder full pair(!) of KEF Q1s loudspeakers... and not forgetting GED cables all round... im feeling rather poor..

As for Saturday.. well its was the lord mayors fireworks display.. and me and Pooja met up with a whole load of friends (Krish, Nisha, Ashok, Hatem, Jess, Rash and Neil.). Personally i thought the fireworks were pretty lame.. and the indian restaurant was well.. *average*.

As for Sunday.. i spent more money... i picked up a quite nice antique firepace with a limestone mantle.. such is life.. but home doesn't feel home until its complete.. and ive only been in my place 3 months or so...

More later..

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Felt *really shit* this morning, called work. told that im in not in any good state to come in. Feeling awfully tired at the moment.

Hmm.. must do more reading on trends and directions on Content Management systems,.... where is the Portal world..going.. is it hype... or (as always re-inventing the world to keep us with a job!)

First up... Im arranging a meet up with some old friends from IBM.. and we're looking to go to an Indian restaurant, so that Peter can savour some real *authentic* South Indian food.. so we may end up going to Rasa.. then again Chowki is another place that i've heard that might be good..

Amazing!.. i just heard from another ex-IBM'er .. in what must seem 2 -3 years...

Well this is my first ( or is it my second?) attempt to try and use this blogging software.

I am particularly interested to see where this technology will go, and what social changes it will make to the way that we communicate on the internet.