Sunday, November 10, 2002

My new Pioneer DV-656A-K

greetings... its been a few days...

And ive finally gotten around to upgrading by 15 years stereo amplifer(Denon), speakers(Mission) and CD player(Marantz). I bought those items way back before i started university. I of all people take my music and its re-production very seriously. And to listened for so long with such outdated system amazes me.. I think in the end i started losing interest with my music ( and it was only recently after listening to MP3 on my PC that i realised how much i liked music again - but thats anothe story).

So there you are.. a new DVD player ( that plays CD very well) - Pioneer DV-656A-K and a new Marantz AV receiver ( good in 2Channel as well as 6.1 Dolby DTS.) And a wonder full pair(!) of KEF Q1s loudspeakers... and not forgetting GED cables all round... im feeling rather poor..

As for Saturday.. well its was the lord mayors fireworks display.. and me and Pooja met up with a whole load of friends (Krish, Nisha, Ashok, Hatem, Jess, Rash and Neil.). Personally i thought the fireworks were pretty lame.. and the indian restaurant was well.. *average*.

As for Sunday.. i spent more money... i picked up a quite nice antique firepace with a limestone mantle.. such is life.. but home doesn't feel home until its complete.. and ive only been in my place 3 months or so...

More later..

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