Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Wow... This is fantastic news, Ricky Gervais and the team that brought you "The Office" are planning 2-part christmas special. on BBC1 this winter.

One thing is for sure, there really isn't much good television programmes on anymore, its all full of cooking, diy, and chat show programmes. And most of the humour is tired, crass, and trying to be pseudo-intellectually funny.

Thats why when something which relies on the art of comic timing, and body language to be funny, its no wonder that people put it on the same pedestal as other great classics (e.g. Faulty Towers). How the tediousness and banality of daily office life could be brought to life through these guys is nothing short of sheer genius.

Ricky Gervais ("David Brent") and MacKenzie Crook("Gareth Keenan") i take my hat off to you. No, not even that. I would shake your hand Sir.

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