Sunday, August 24, 2003

P800 phone blog

"this is a test on my SE P800. cool it works! The Opera browser has done a really good good job in rendering the pages in edit mode.... thankfully the blospot templates are coded in XHTML"

I have since then been doing more research into how i can use my P800/Symbian phone to upload pictures/commentary on the fly... it seemed to me that it would be a great (some would say sad!) idea to be able to use the camera to provide visual commentary supporting my text that is updated to my site...

I am really surprised that the Mobile carriers haven't jumped on to this, or then perhaps i shouldn't be surprised as they are only now moving up the protocol stack ( i.e. MMS!) and from their point of view anything that moves into the application stack is a control point for revenue generating services (think DoCoMo). So maybe if they were to bundle anything as useful as a phone-blog software on their phones they need to figure out a way of making money on it.

Companies like Jataayu (another privately held Indian software company) are making inroads with the big telco-carriers by licensing their apps onto their phones... perhaps time to offer them a mobile-blog app? - one for the boys there, i will let you know their response...

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