Monday, May 19, 2014

Narenda Modi - Independence 2.0

So Narenda Modi of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) the has become the Prime Minister of India -- this is a long day coming and the first time since independence that a non-Congress government has come into power with a majority -- an emphatic majority.  This is very much Independence 2.0 for India.  I welcome Modi.

I am keen to see him keep his promises during the election -- i will check back in 5-years time.

  1. Revoke section 370 ffrom Jammu and Kashmir.
  2. Construction of Ram Mandir.
  3. Implementation of Uniform Civil Code. 
  4. Bring back Black money from abroad with in 100 days and equal distribution among all citizens.
  5. Bring back Dawood from Pakistan.
  6. Construction of new 100 cities. 
  7. 24 hours electricity to all citizens.
  8. IIT, IIM and AIMS in all states.
  9. Free Health and Education for all. 
  10. Good relations with all neighbouring countries. 
  11. Clean Ganga and all other rivers.
  12. Employment for all unemployed youth. 
  13. Improvement of education and health for all. 
  14. Implementation of Fast Track court for all criminal cases of Member of Parliament and put them out if found guilty irrespective of political affiliation.
  15. Construction of good roads in all states. 
  16. Remove corruption from all department and politics.
  17. Justice for all corrupt politicians and their friend and relatives those involved in 2G,3G,CWG.
  18. Implement Zero tax policy.
  19. Joint all rivers with one another. 
  20. Reduce inflation by 25% and reduce petrol, diesel and Gas rate without custom duty.
  21. Internet for all those who live in village.
  22. Introduction of Bullet trains among all major cities.
  23. save lives of farmers and soldiers.
  24. Corruption less govt.

I don't want to add anything more than what has already said in the media, a lot of nasty vitriolic things have been said (maybe another post will cover that).  I think its time for people to make their own minds on him.  This video says everything about Narendra Modi.

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