Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mumbai 7-11 Blasts: "Govern or get out"

After the killing of 190 and injuring 650 people in Mumbai -- this the outcome of 8 highly targeted bombs on the Mumbai metro during rush hour, one wonders how much more should the citizens of India take?

The choice of Mumbai was not designed to unsettle the financial capital, but really meant to raise communal tensions between the Hindu majority and muslim minority. The riots in Gujarat are still not forgotten by the locals and lets now forget about the Mumbai blasts in 1993.

We don't need to look that far back, only last year Islamic terrorists bombed the holy Hindu city of Varanasi.

It beggars belief that India now has a Prime Minister who is completely at ease at talking about macroeconomic and how the diaspora can be unleashed across globe, but yet when slapped in the face countless times with blatant attacks on Indian sovereignty, can only meekly state:
"Do not be provoked by rumours. Do not let anyone divide us. Our strength lies in our unity."

Its time for India to step up and deal with these Al-Qaeda terrorists. Both Lashkar-e Tayyaba and Jaish-e-Mohammad are part of the terrorist infrastructure that has many sympathisers in Pakistan. This continued passive, tacit and turning a blind-eye support for terrorism must stop.

Opposition party, Advani, summarises it well about the situation for the Indian PM:
"Govern or get out".

On another sad note, still lingering from the tragedy of the Mumbai bombs, im surprised at the lack of news coverage from the British press, in comparison to the London and Madrid bombings. Picked politics, captures my sentiments more succinctly,
"clearly the death of nearly two hundred and injuries of thousands of wogs was not good enough for the Dail Mail, Daily Express or the Metro to make it front page news. Fuck them. "

This is a timley reminder, for me at least, of how important it is to continue blogging.

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David E. Patton said...

Thank you for posting this. It hurt my heart to see so much killing going on and not to be able to stop it. As a poet I wonder what is it that I can do to stop so much killing in the world. So many people seem to be numb to it as they see it going on day after day but, for me it truely hurts.