Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Apple MacWorld 2006: Lets start taking bets.....

You can see Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld 2006 here (from Tues 10ths Jan 9pm Pacific Time)

1. Replacement of the iPod Shuffle with a Nano variant? (e.g. Shuffle with screen or 1Gb Nano)
50% probability

2. Full length wide-screen iPod 6G
20% probability

3. Mac-Mini on Intel + Front Row 2.0
90% probability

4. iBook on Intel
100% probability

5. 42" and 50" iMac Intel + Front Row 2.0 (although possibly not branded as iMac)
SK: 80% probability

6. iTunes 7.0 + QuickTime 7.0 (its been a whole 6-months after all!)
SK: 60% probability

7. more video and tv and movie content on iTunes (including and we can only hope -- the full catalogue of Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears music videos).
SK: 100% probability (not sure on the later)

8. iLife/iWork '06 Updates (This is a given stable of MacWorld -- im informed by Jody)
100% probability

9. Aperture price reduction (to take the fight to Adobe)
50% probabilty

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