Wednesday, March 31, 2004

More deliberations around Bus topology with BizTalk

Scoott Woodgate has posted an excellent whitepaper that describes the guts of BizTalk 2004, particularly around the architecture of the MessageBox and Logical Hosts.

The question i posed to Scott, was that within the context of subscriptions, how does this 'BizTalk Group' or 'MessageBox network' work across an enterprise WAN? My earlier understanding came down to how practical will it be run a globally distributed MessageBox architecture, are there latency issues that make this unworkable, and therefore we need look other multi-cast approaches to delivering an ESB?

From a BizTalk perspective does that mean we have no choice, but to employ Zonal BizTalk Groups, and all the implications that go with that from an Operational/Admin/Routing point of view.

thoughts please...

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